If you want me to check out your blog, tag one of your posts with “jokeecard” I’ll be tracking that tag from now on.

I might follow you on my personal..I need a few more blogs to follow because my dash is dead.

Check out my personal: http://mirrrnicole.tumblr.com :)


1. Where did you get your theme? I used a blank layout code and customized the rest on my own.

2. Will you make me a theme like yours? No, sorry.

3. Will you promo me? No, I just do promos randomly.

4. Why didn’t I see my promo? I only leave them up for an hour or so.

5. How many followers do you have? It doesn’t really matter does it(: But, currently I have 16,000.

6. Are you a girl or guy? I am a girl.

7. How old are you? 19.

8. Will you follow me? You can ask me to check your blog out on my personal blog (mirrrnicole.tumblr.com) and I might follow you!

9. Will you take the fat jokes category off of your page? No. If you find it offensive, you don’t have to follow me BUT it’s all just humor. Nothing is really serious on here.

10. Will you rate my blog? Sure, just ask.

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